The Falling Skies Podcast S4E4 – Evolve or Die

fallingskiespopeunboundMira Sorvino joins the cast as a female Pope.  Nothing good can come from this.  The cancellation of the show was announced this week.  At least it will get a conclusion, many shows are not as lucky.

With 18 episodes remaining in the series, the question now is: “Who will make it to the end?”  We are glad to see Hal get past his wimpy phase.  We say good-bye to Jeannie.  How will Weaver react over the next few episodes. Was it just Art off on a tangent, or is Lexi going to evolve into something that no one can control? Thanks to our listeners for their feedback this week.


Peter Shinkoda (Dai) has major recurring role on Daredevil

Falling Skies has been renewed for a fifth and final season.


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