The Social Side of Geocaching

This is a post on two examples of the social side of geocaching.

Yesterday, we attended the third annual Geocaching Colorado Geochat. This was a opportunity for geocachers throughout Colorado to meet the new Board of Directors, fun and fellowship. We played a icebreaker game of Geo-Bingo. One of the squares was to find a cacher who had found a Project A.P.E cache. Luckily, we had one there, but the price of having him sign the square was to wear a pair of Groucho glasses that was a travel bug. You can see our suave look above. I recommend events as a way to meet fellow geocachers and learn more about the sport we all love. Besides, you may win a raffle item like a new unactivated geocoin! Yea, us.

This morning, I happened to be looking at the Facebook application on my IPod Touch. Listed was a request from Cliff Ravenscraft a podcaster from asking “I NEED HELP! Family wants to go GEOCACHING for the1st time. How Do I Do It?” I quickly fired up my computer, and I a few minutes I was live with him providing advice on how to get started. He wanted to use the 3G features of his Iphone, and recommended that he start with the application, a low cost barrier to entry at $9.99. I gave him a few suggestions, pick a larger, traditional cache, with a low difficulty and terrain rating. I look forward to hearing his experiences in his podcast “My Crazy Life” show #373. It always amazes me the social media tools that are now an integral part of the day to day networking I experience. This meetup and short discussion on geocaching would not have been possible a few years ago.