Treasure Hunting… What do you win??

If you look at the ‘Getting Started’ section of the website. Groundspeak defines geocaching as: ‘a worldwide game of hiding and seeking treasure’.

When I use this definition, the first question I get is, “Oh… What have you won?”

I then need to explain that the ‘treasure’ is in the joy of the hunt, or the new places geocaching can take you. Anything in a cache is often very nominal in value.

“Oh… that’s nice”

Now I describe geocaching as using a GPS receiver to find containers people have hidden throughout the world.

“You mean it is like treasure hunting?”


I don’t question how much they earn when they golf on the weekend.

Why does there need to be a profit motive in anything we do? I would dread the day a cache was placed and 100 people go and search for it at the same time and destroying the landscape because there was a substantial prize inside.

I lost the enjoyment of collecting stamps in the 1970’s because of a few ‘collectors’ who ran up the price of stamps to turn a profit (Geek alert)

Why can we not just enjoy a activity because for a short while, it allows up to forget the troubles of the world?